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Do you have a clothing alteration that isn’t covered in our standard set of services, or simply want to check with us first? Our tailors and seamstress are highly experienced, with a wide range of machinery and can cater to most requests. For any other alterations please provide as much detail as you can via the form below and we can get back to you with a personalised quote.

We highly recommend taking a photo of your garment or item as this will allow us to give you a quote, quickly and more accurately.

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Is altering clothes expensive?

Clothing alterations range in prices and can start cheap for basic repairs, mending or simple hem alterations. For clothing alterations and repairs that take time and an experienced and skilled tailor the work can be more involved. The cost of a clothing alteration will increase as the difficulty and time for the work involved increases. 

Why is alteration so expensive?

Clothing alterations are largely based on the time it takes for the work to be completed. Some more complex alteration jobs may require tailors with additional skills or experience to do the work too, naturally this will cost more. 

Benefits of altering your clothes

Clothing alterations come with many benefits for yourself, the environment and sometimes society too. Clothing alterations on new clothes can ensure a perfect fit, adjusting garments to match your body shape, taste and style. When you've purchased a pre-loved garment, or need an old favourite repaired you're extending the life of your garment and keeping it out of landfill for longer. When you get a clothing alteration with Hello Tailr you're also supporting social enterprises who employ and train women from diverse backgrounds, assist disadvantaged groups and pay ethical wages.

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