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Seam Repair

Seam Repair

Got a broken or team seam and looking for help to get it repaired? 

Hello Tailr is an online platform for clothing alterations. We can assist with all sorts of seam repairs. Broken seams, torn seams, split seams, seam tears, stitching holes, stitching repair and mending. 

Select the length of your torn seam below to place our order. We can pick up your order using using our door to door courier service (Australia wide) or you can use one of 5,000 drop off locations across Australia.

We can fix seams on most items so long as they are not too bulky, we've fixed all sorts of things, from soft cooler bags, to dresses to kids toys and more.

For repairs over 30cm's, or if you have a large or bulky item please contact us for a quote first. We also recommend contacting us for leather and vinyl seam repairs before placing an order.

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