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Measurement Taking Guides for Online Clothing Alterations

Providing measurements is essential when getting your clothes altered, and we want the process to be simple as possible.

The easiest way to provide measurements for our shortening services is to simply supply the amount (in cm’s) to be taken up. If you want to be more detailed you can provide additional details and special requests in the pop up box when adding to cart.

Follow our clothing alteration measurement guides below for simple step by step instructions, including some tips and tricks.

Measurement Taking Guides

You can provide additional details for each item when adding to cart


There are a few ways you can provide measurements when using our shortening service and they vary slightly for different garment types.

          1. Provide the amount you want garments to be shortened in cm’s (or optionally in mm’s using the additional details box)

          2. Using safety pins or sewing pins

          3. Using tailors chalk or a non permanent marker on your garments

Scroll down to see more details below.

Providing measurement (in cm’s or mm’s)


Start by putting the pants on, with a pair of shoes that you typically plan on wearing with these pants. Ensure the pants are sitting around your waist where you would like to wear them. Tighten the drawstring or wear a belt like you normally would too.

From here you (or a friend) can fold up one leg of your pants a few centimetres - outwards is easiest, then stand up straight in your normal pose. Using a mirror (or your reflection in glass window) ensure you’re happy with the height of the fold and how it sits against your shoes. Adjust the fold until it sits at a height you’re happy with.

Before taking the pants off kneel down and use a tape measurer or ruler to record the amount you want shortened.


Multiple items?

You can provide additional details for each item when adding it to the cart. Be sure to use the additional details box (or a note with your garments) to describe which alteration applies to which garment, if you are getting multiple alterations of the same type performed in one order.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The majority of alterations are picked up and returned in less than two weeks, however we recommend allowing three weeks for all orders in case of delays.

If we need to source zippers, buttons or other accessories allow up to four weeks.

The prices for all alterations can be found for each product in the services section of our site.

Shipping is a $10 flat rate for all options (door to door service, mail in, or drop off) and covers inbound and outbound postage fees.

If you need assistance with hem details, garment features or would like a custom quote please contact our friendly customer care team.

We don't offer alterations on bridal wear but if know of a bridal wear specialist close to you we are happy to give recommendations, please contact us.

As an online only business we can't offer fittings or take in person measurements. We have a number of guides on our website to make taking your alterations measurements easy.

If your situation is not covered by our measurement guides please contact us, we are always happy to give personalised advice, tips and recommendations.

Our head office is in Melbourne, Australia. The social enterprises we currently partner with are based in Coburg, Collingwood and North Melbourne. Our in house tailors generally work from home.

Yes! We've partnered with Australia Post and Sendle for deliveries, you can drop your clothes at any Australia Post street posting box (printer required) or Australia Post outlet (no printer required).

We'd love to help you, please contact our friendly customer care team.