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Eco Wipes

Eco Wipes

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Eco Wipes - Everything you need to know

The following page outlines common questions about our eco wipes. Still got a question? Contact us

What fabric should I mail in to make Eco Wipes?

We recommend sending in 100% cotton flannel or old towelling material that's highly absorbent. If you want to keep separate wipes for different areas of the house you can use different colours or patterns so you can keep bathroom clothes away from your kitchen. 

How can eco wipes be used?

Eco wipes are a great addition to many different household tasks?

  • Sustainable Kitchen Wipes - Benches, surfaces and dishes
  • Household wipes - Household surfaces and dusting
  • Bathroom surface and bathroom glassware wipes  
  • Many more (babies, family, toilets, garage, ...)

How to take care of eco wipes

Eco wipes are machine washable, have a small basket handy to store your used wipes and once it's full throw them in the machine for a no hassle clean. We've used our wipes daily and they've lasted us over two years.

How long does it take?

All eco wipes are made to order and we recommend allowing 2 - 3 weeks from the time of ordering. This allows enough time for mail in or selecting fabric, sewing and return.