The following page outlines common questions about our pants hemming alteration service. Still got a question? Contact us

What are other names for shortening pants?

Shortening pants has many different names, most commonly it's referred to as hemming pants or taking up pants, but here's a longer list.

  • Hemming pants
  • Shortening pants
  • Take Up pants
  • Tailoring pants
  • Adjust pants length

Cuffing pants usually means folding or rolling the bottom edge (hem) of the pants and is often a styling choice for jeans and chinos, however it's not a permanent tailored alteration.

What sort of pants can you get altered with our online clothing alterations service?

Our expert tailors and seamstress can shorten nearly any style of pants:

  • School pants can be hemmed
  • School Slacks can be shortened
  • Chino Pants taken up
  • Jeans tailored
  • Tracksuit Pants altered
  • Dress pants and nice trousers can be taken up
  • Cargo pants hemmed
  • Leggings shortened
  • Sweatpants, Gym pants and Athletic wear altered
  • Sweatpants shortened for comfort
  • Knitwear pants can be tailored
  • Euro hem can be used on distressed, washed or torn style denim to retain the original lookTrousers can be hemmed

How much does it cost to hem or shorten pants?

The price of pants hemming varies based on the material, hem details, complexity and is baed on an estimate of the time it should take a skilled tailor to complete the work. You can use the hem type and feature selection on our pants shortening service to get a price on your pants hemming alteration.

Pants hemming near me

Looking for pants shortening near me? Hello Tailr is an online alterations service, place the order from the convenience of your own home and use our door to door pickup service, or drop off locations if you don't have a secure entrance or printer at home. Prefer to visit a store? See our clothing alterations location guide for recommendations in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth.