Euro Hem | Hem Jeans Keep Original Hem

A Euro hem is a tailoring technique where the original hem is cut off and sewn back on. It's a technique that allows you to keep the original manufacturers' stitching and other original hem details.

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Hem Jeans Keep Original Hem
An example euro alteration (inside and outside jeans) with original hem re-attached. The original hem is retained with visible stitching above the re-attached hem.


Is this a normal hem job on my raws?

There's a great post on Reddit (r/rawdenim) that goes in to more detail. Euro hems are quite fashionable and particularly popular when you want to retain the original hem details. Distressed jeans, pre-washed, aged or fading on jeans can all be retained with a Euro hem alteration however it does come down to personal preference and the style of jeans. 

If you want to hem jeans and keep original hem then getting a euro hem alteration is a great option. 

What is an Original Hem alteration?

An original hem alteration is another name for a "Euro" hem or a European hem.