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AUSTRALIA, 16th April 2023

Revolutionising Sustainable Fashion: Second Stitch Partners with Hello Tailr for Nationwide Online Alterations Service

In an exciting development for sustainable fashion, Second Stitch has announced a partnership with the online platform Hello Tailr, offering accessible clothing alterations and repairs across Australia. This collaboration responds to a growing demand for sustainable clothing care options, highlighted by Second Stitch’s feature on ABC's War on Waste.

"Especially after being featured on ABC’s War on Waste in 2023, people are beginning to see the value in clothing, wanting to become more sustainable and the demand for having clothing repaired has increased," says Jennifer Thorman, Studio Manager at Second Stitch.

Founded on December 8, 2016, by VICSEG New Futures as part of their creative division, Second Stitch aims to economically and socially empower women from diverse backgrounds through textiles. This partnership with Hello Tailr extends their reach, enabling customers from even the most remote areas of Australia to access their services.

"We thought it was an interesting concept that is worth supporting, while also helping our customers reach us from further away," Thorman explains regarding the decision to partner with Hello Tailr.

Customers no longer have an excuse to discard their damaged but beloved clothing pieces. "Not having an alterations and repair service near you is no longer an excuse not to wear your damaged but favoured wardrobe pieces; you can send them to us and have them beautifully repaired or altered," adds Thorman.

This initiative is expected to make a significant impact. "We have customers send us items from all around Australia, even as far away as Queensland and Western Australia, so this will make it much easier for the whole of Australia to use our services," Thorman anticipates.

In the context of sustainable fashion, this partnership represents an important step forward. "For too long, cheaper clothing items have been seen as disposable. Buying nice and not twice, repairing garments when they’re damaged, will help keep textiles out of landfill," Thorman notes, highlighting the critical role of clothing alterations and repairs in the sustainable fashion movement.

Finally, Thorman encourages everyone with unattended clothing repair needs to take action. "If you have a bag of clothing that needs altering in your cupboard, which you keep forgetting to take to be altered, now you can do it from your home! So why hesitate, you can send them to the gorgeous women of Second Stitch, and we can fix them for you."

Through this partnership, Second Stitch and Hello Tailr are not just offering a service; they're promoting a sustainable lifestyle choice, making it simpler and more accessible for Australians to participate in the sustainable fashion movement.

About Second Stitch and Hello Tailr

Second Stitch is a social enterprise under VICSEG New Futures, aimed at empowering women through textiles since December 2016. Hello Tailr, launched in September 2023, is a Melbourne-based startup providing online clothing alterations and repairs across Australia.

Watch Second Stitch on ABC’s War on Waste

Learn more about Second Stitch's commitment to sustainable fashion in Season 3, Episode 3 of ABC’s War on Waste, available online on ABC iView (see 42:28).

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