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 Date: 8th May 2024

Alterations Specialist, Australia (Work from home)

Location: Remote (Australia) from home, or hire space by mutual agreement
Salary: $35 per hour (negotiable based on experience)
Position: Casual (or Sole Trader)
This position is available for immediate start.


About Hello Tailr

We’re a Melbourne based fashion tech start up on a bold and exciting mission to change consumer behaviour in fashion. We know it won’t be easy but we believe that bringing tech to the largely untouched space of clothing alterations and repairs is the first step.

Fast fashion’s success is predicated on our familiarity with the speed and convenience of the gig economy, overlaid by the dopamine hit and instant gratification of online shopping. We want to challenge the modern consumer to change their behaviour by bringing the same convenience, ease and access to a network of highly talented sewers, tailors and makers. Ultimately striving to displace immediate satisfaction for more wholesome, eco-conscious and socially aware fashion choices.

We partner with social enterprises like Second Stitch who empower women from diverse backgrounds economically and socially and Assembled Threads who tackle long-term unemployment for disadvantaged groups by providing training and employment in garment manufacturing at an ethical wage. In support of social enterprises and our partners, we have a team of highly experienced in house tailors and seamstresses.


About the Role

We have launched Australia’s first online clothing alterations and repair business, Hello Tailr. Customers can select their alterations, repairs or request a quote and then complete their order online. Our service is available Australia wide, and garments are received using door to door, mail in or drop off locations (>5000). All deliveries, inbound and outbound, are 100% carbon offset. Our technology platform connects each order to the most suitable partner or tailor in our network. We handle logistics, insurance and customer experience.

As an Alterations Specialist at Hello Tailr you will receive an email notification for each order that is assigned to you. Once the garment is received you will review the garments against the alteration notes, submitting photos and notes in our platform. We will use your notes to liaise with, and update the customer as their order progresses. As an online platform we are striving to offer an exceptional customer experience digitally, with personalised communication and regular updates to every customer as their order progresses. Furthermore we hope to leverage customer interactions to inspire, remind and motivate our audience to make more conscious, socially aware, slow fashion decisions (that also make them feel good!).


Essential Skills

  • Extensive experience in sewing/tailoring (3+ years)
  • Extremely confident with all basic clothing alterations and repair jobs (e.g. hemming, shortening, button replacement, seam repair, waistband adjustment, patching holes and tears, strap adjustments, reinforcing, hemming and moving drawstrings, create basic accessories)
  • Access to suitable equipment and workspace (see “Good to know” notes at the bottom)
  • Strong written communication skills; comfortable communicating promptly and clearly within the team primarily through digital channels (our platform, email or team chat tools like Slack, Discord, Microsoft Teams)
  • Highly experienced with intermediate difficulty alterations (e.g. euro hem, ribbed hems, shortening with plackets, zippers, body resizing, reshaping, rise and seat adjustments, creating pockets, bias cut, adjusting pleated skirts and dresses)


Bonus Points

  • We’re offering alterations and repairs in a never before seen way to the Australian public; applicants who are inspired by the concept and energised by our mission will be seen as an advantage
  • Any experience or expertise with more advanced alterations or tailoring work (e.g. leather, stretch fabrics, activewear and bathers, silk, lace, velvet, tailored suits, bridal, embellishments and appliqués, corsets, ribbing, garment construction, design and redesign)
    • Please note: We do not currently offer most advanced alterations but would like to expand our range in the future and any additional experience would be seen as highly beneficial
  • You’re adept at technology (but not expecting a power user). You’re comfortable uploading photos, sending emails and using digital platforms
  • Being an early employee at our startup you have the potential to define and shape our culture. Alignment with our values (e.g. enthusiasm and passion for sustainable fashion, conscious consumption, supporting social enterprises) will be seen as a strong plus
  • We’re a growing startup, if you have related skills (AI, website content, social media content, UI/UX, design, photo or video editing, Shopify etc) that you’d like to offer these will be seen as beneficial, but by no means essential


Perks of the role:

  • Work from home, anywhere in Australia
  • You will not be required to directly communicate with customers. From time to time we’ll get your advice and opinion on specialist work and custom quotes but you’ll never need to directly interact with customers as our customer care team handles this
  • No travel required (except maybe to a local post office to pickup or drop parcels, e.g. if pickup or authority to leave is not available)
  • Flexibility to increase or decrease your available hours each week to suit your personal circumstances
  • Potential to work on creative, purposeful and joyful projects - If you have a specialist skill, passion or interest (e.g. visible mending, embroidery, repurposing, re-imagining) that aligns with our mission we’d love to know so we can send you more of the jobs that you love doing


Good to know:

  • We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive, fair and equitable environment for all employees. We encourage everyone from any walk of life with suitable skills and experience to apply for this role
  • Your own sewing machine and a suitable working area is required. Additional machinery (Overlocker, Cover stitch, Blind Hem, etc) are beneficial but not essential. If you have skills and experience on those machines and a willingness for local travel we can help you find drop in and hire locations close to your home so specialist machinery can be accessed
  • We’re flexible. You tell us your capacity, desired workload and any upper limits to your time and we’ll adjust our platform (or liaise with customers) to assign you work so you’re never overloaded
  • For this role a printer is required to print shipping labels, if you don’t have a printer one will be provided. We cover costs for all accessories and haberdashery (for example but not limited to: parcels, labels, printer ink, cotton, thread, zippers, buttons, eyelets, etc)
  • Parcels are routed to your home address however we're happy to assist (and recommend) keeping your home address private using parcel lockers, mail forwarding, or other similair services

 Enquiries: careers@hellotailr.com


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